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Top Trump Ambassador Reviews

Last year Winning Moves went on a search for Top Trump Ambassadors, these are children that are passionate about Top Trumps and who we thought are the perfect people to review our new packs when they come out! Our  Top Trump Ambassadors reviewed some of our Top Trump packs. Our Top Trump experts range from aged 5 through to 13 and have plenty of Top Trump knowledge!

Captain America: Civil War


Miranda: I think it is a good set. I liked how each character has two or three different cards the pictures are ok. Over all it is one to play again.

Imogen: The Captain America one was super I won again I liked how it had people and their shields on different cards, I loved it and most of all I love them all

Anthony & Leila: Captain America is so cool, he has super strength to fight in the Civil War against Iron Man.

When we were playing the game we both wanted any card with Captain America on it – but the best card to get is the Team Captain America , it’s the top trump card and scores 100 points in Top Trump Ratings. Team Iron Man is a very close second, but they can’t beat Captain America with Falcon, Agent 13, Winter Soldier, Ant Man and Hawkeye.

The game has each of the characters from the movie and their weapons. Captain America’s Shield is the best card to get and while Ant Man doesn’t get a lot of points, he is a really good character to have. He can shrink into a small ant and get stronger and more powerful at the same time. We thought Black Panther’s Claws were pretty amazing, they looks so sharp and ready to fight for Iron Man. They are a lot sharper than your regular cat.

So like Captain America says ‘Suit Up’ and get ready to have your own Civil War.

James Paterson: Recently I received 2 new top trumps packs: Captain America civil war and The Force Awakens: Star Wars. These packs were AMAZING! New card designs and popping colours make you want to play all day. I wasn’t too familiar with the Captain America Civil War characters, but now with these cards I’m fan of the blockbuster. These new packs are wonderful!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Miranda: I have never watched the movie but the pictures explain most of it. I did not like all the topics especially gilt because not all cards have a rate over 50.Over all it is fun but not one of the best sets.

Imogen: Amazing! The star wars one was cool and I won against Miranda my sister the numbers go high especially the top trumps

Anthony & Leila: Star Wars is our favourite show, we have watched all the episodes and were so excited to see our favourite show and our favourite game together. And.. this was the best game for us.

As soon as we opened the cards, we were racing through them to see our favourite characters from The Force Awakens. We like Luke Skywalker (of course), Kylo Ren and Rey and these were definitely the best cards to have because they have a high top trumps rating and so did BB-8. There were a lot of character cards with other good ratings, all the badies had really big greed ratings – The First Order, General Hux and Supreme Leader Snoke all had 200 for greed. Even though they are badies, these cards are definitely good ones to have in your hand.

In the movie we really like R2D2 and Chewbaca – they seem to always get themselves in tricky situations. Chewbaca has a very high honor value – that’s because he always does his best to help his friends when they need him. He tries his best in everything he does and when it doesn’t work out he just grunts.

It was really good to get to read more about the characters and to learn a little more about them and how they fit into the movie. After playing the game we are really ready to watch the movie again – maybe while playing Top Trumps so we can match the movie scenes to the character cards!

Check out some more of our ambassadors reviewing the packs in the videos at the top.